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Link to Maxton at 15 weeks January 2008

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My first visit to the New Forest New Forest June 08

The ducks get an outing in the bath Splish Splash Nov 08

Me in Walmart, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Wisconsin USA Feb 09

My little brother Oscar Oscar August 09

Hello fans and welcome to my very own website. I was born on the 22nd September 2007. I think I must be the youngest webmaster ever. Pretty soon there will be loads of pictures of me on this site - I just have to figure out how to use Photoshop and do the FTP stuff. I'm a real fast learner and I have a good teacher so it won't take long. In the meantime you can see some more pictures of me by clicking on the small pictures on either side of the large one.

And now I have a little brother - Oscar was born on the 9th May 2009 and already he's helping me out with the site. Grandpa was going to give him his own site, but he thought that might creat too much competition, so Oscar is sharing this site with me. That's fine by me - Oscar and I are big buddies and I'm really excited about sharing with him.

When Im not sleeping or eating I'm working on my site, putting all sorts of interesting stuff about me and Oscar on it, for your enjoyment and amusement. Now I'm getting bigger and bolder I'm travelling all over the World. In February 2009 I went to Wisconsin in the USA to visit Uncle Toby and Aunty Erin - how about that ! This flying game is dead easy - especially when my Mum and Grandma are there to help when things might get a bit difficult.

Make sure you call back at regular intervals. Look forward to seeing you again !

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